Family owned since 1916

United Olive Oil Import Corporation was born as an exclusive importer and distributor of Italian olive oil products. Our passion for Mediterranean foods and the increasing market demand for natural and organic foods have brought us to expand our line of imported products.

Olive Oil 101

Our extra virgin olive oil is first-cold pressed, and it is entirely produced inside our factory in Sicily. We supervise and monitor every step of the production process to make sure our products are delivered fresh and clean to your homes.

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The Taste of the Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean diet, a way of living healthy and tasty! Thinking about the area around the Mediterranean sea, you can imagine a delicious variety of fruit and vegetable like olives and EVOO, plenty of local products like fresh cheese or hand made pasta. Imagine now all these products and their colors all mixed up. Mediterranean diet is not a diet, it’s a joyful road to the healthy food.

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